Invest In Happy Home Improvement Now!

Why Wait? Home improvements are an investment in your quality of life, happiness, AND in your future home value! More often than not, we only think about home improvement to sell our home for top value. Consider an investment in our home environment to improve our happiness today.

Our Environment Affects Our Emotions

After almost 2 years of being cooped up in our homes, it is almost certain you have noticed a few potential upgrades to your environment. The space in your home may become more than troublesome. You may not always realize how much real estate those nagging items occupy in your mind or emotional well-being. It can very much impact your day-to-day mood. For example, if you know that your house foundations need repair, or your front lock needs replacing then you might get stressed when thinking about these issues. However, stress could possibly be reduced if you contacted people similar to either a locksmith or a foundation repair specialist to potentially seek advice and guidance on how to fix the issues in your house that are affecting you.

When your home feels dark, cluttered, outdated and in need of improvements it can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious or even depressed. Your home should be a welcoming sanctuary, a launchpad for inspiration and a soothing space for peace, enjoyment and contentment … especially after the past few years.

Happiness on a Budget – Start Small

Two of the simplest and most budget-friendly home improvements you can make are decluttering and repainting. Decluttering your home can also help declutter your mind. It is a low-cost way to instantly make your home feel more serene. In addition, repainting is an affordable way to brighten your home and transform the feel of every room. According to most interior design experts, natural and light colors help create a feeling of calm – think greys, blues, warm light whites. While you should be aware of your budget, you do not have to limit your plans just because of it. In case you have larger home improvement projects in mind that may exceed your budget, you could look for home improvement loans. For more information about such finance options, you can visit or similar websites.

Work On Projects That Make You Happy!

First, identify a few home improvement goals that will increase your feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and contentment. Consistent work on meaningful goals is proven to increase feelings of contentment and happiness!

It does not matter if you start with one small project or opt for a larger renovation project of an entire room. The act of visualizing a more beautiful space will lead to happiness. Establishing home improvement goals and working towards those goals will give you a deep sense of accomplishment.

If you feel like you can utilize some of the extra space on your property, you can even consider getting an accessory dwelling unit installed, for which you may need some help from the likes of United Dwelling ( Once it is built, you can go ahead and unleash your DIY creativity on it!

CJV offers free in-home consultations!

Reach out today to discuss the most cost-effective home improvements, with the greatest return on investment, and are right for you – right now. Your trusted member of the CJV Team will provide a free consultation.